This page provides answers to perspective student's questions regarding the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Short Courses which we offer in the School of Computing. . For any other questions, please contact us directly.

Is this a part-time programme?

Yes, all classes take place in the evening, from 18:30 to 21:30 in DIT Kevin St.

How much does the programme cost?

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses are modular and as such are charged on a per module basis. The majority of the modules which we offer are worth 10 ECTS each with a cost of €470 per semester. However we do have a number of modules worth 5 ECTS which cost €235 per semester.

When can I join the programme?

Applications for the short courses open in either January or February of each year. Applicanrts are then notified of whether or not they have been successful in their application in early summer. Modules for the short courses start in September and January. Regardless of when the modules you are interested in start, you must be registered in September in line with the academic year.

How to apply

Click here for the application form

How long does it take to complete a short course?

Short courses are limited to a single academic year. However you can complete a short course in a single academic term if you chose to do so.

How often do I need to attend?

Each module chosen as part of your short course is delivered over a single night per week. For example if you undertooka short course with 2 modules in the first semester and 1 module in the second semester then you would be in 2 nights of the week in semester 1 and 1 night in semester 2.

Please note that this is not a distance learning programme. Student are expected to attend classes. Materials will not necessarily be made available online.

Where do classes take place?

All lectures take place in the Main Building or Annex Building of DIT Kevin St. Labs take place in the Annex Building in Kevin St.

At what times do classes take place?

Classes take place on weekday evenings between 18:30 and 21:30.

What is the difference between a CPD Certificate and a CPD Diploma?

To obtain a CPD Diploma you must have obtained more than 15 ECTS of modules. If you obtain less than 15 ECTS then you will receive a CPD Certificate. The individual modules you take on your short course will not be individually listed on your award parchment, however they you will receive a formal results tarnscript showing the grades you obtained.

Read about the National Framework of Qualifications.

When must I complete my examinations?

All semester 1 modules are examined in December and January. All semester 2 modules are examined in May. Supplemental examinations take place in August and September. If you are unable to take your examinations in January, May or August, you must apply for a deferral through the examinations office.

What books should I purchase?

Your lecturer will inform you about books when the modules begin.

What if I'm finding the course very difficult?

You should let your lecturers know and contact your year mentor and/or the programme chairperson.

Am I suited to a CPD short course in computing?

CPD short courses are intended for IT industry professionals. They are not beginner courses and rely heavily on existing knowlegde of the IT domain. As part of the application process you are required to submit your CV. The admissions and exemptions committee review all applicants CVs and if they feel the applicant does not have the necessary prerequiste knowledge of the IT domain then they will not be successful in their application.

How many or what modules are involved in a CPD programme?

The modules that you take on a CPD are dependent to some extent on your needs as a working professional. The modules as part of the short course are drwan from those on offer as part of our DT249 degree programme. The link below will bring you to a list of modules which can be taken. Due to timetabling contratints it is not possible to offer every module in a single academic year. If you would like further information on these modules, please click on "Contents" above. There you will see the exhaustive list of modules on the CPD programme which are taken from our degree programme. Module selection is is performed as part of the application process.

What is the timetable for the modules as part of the short course?

Semester 1 = September to December = Classes start the week of September 17th

Semester 2 = January to May = TBC

Computer Programming
Semester 1 - Programming and Algorithms 1 Thursdays 6.30 to 9.30 KE3-008
Semester 2 - Programming Paradigms and Data Structures TBC

Database Systems
Semester 1 - No Classes
Semester 2 - Databases Systems TBC

Geographic Information Systems
Semester 1- Geographic Information Systems Wednesdays 6.30 to 9.30 KAG-028
Semester 2 - No Classes